• HC-05 Bluetooth Module

Wireless Communication Transmission HC-05 Bluetooth Module

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The Electronics Module is Wireless Communication Transmission HC-05 Bluetooth Module.


  • 1. PCB size: 37.3mm (length) * 15.5mm (width)
  • 2. Weight: 3.5g
  • 3. Input voltage: 3.6V-6V, do not exceed 7V
  • 4. Power supply anti reverse connection, reverse connection module not working
  • 5. Lead out 6 pins: EN/VCC/GND/RXD/TXD/STATE (Bluetooth status leads out pins, output low level when not connected, output high level when connected)
  • 6. With a connection status indicator light, the LED flashes quickly to indicate that there is no Bluetooth connection; LED slow flashing indicates entering AT command mode
  • 7. On board 3.3V voltage regulator chip, input voltage DC 3.6V-6V; When not paired, the current is about 30mA (due to the flashing LED light, the current is in a changing state); After successful pairing, the current is approximately 10mA
  • 8. The interface level is 3.3V, which can be directly connected to various microcontrollers (Arduino/51/AVR/PIC/ARM/MSP430, etc.), and 5V microcontrollers can also be directly connected. Directly connect to the serial port of the microcontroller, cannot pass through the MAX232 chip!
  • 9. The effective transmission distance in open areas is 10 meters, and it is also possible to exceed 10 meters, but there is no guarantee of connection quality
  • After successful pairing, it can be used as a full duplex serial port. No knowledge of any Bluetooth protocol is required, but only supports communication formats with 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity check. This is also a commonly used communication format and does not support other formats!
  • 11. Press the button and then power on the Bluetooth module to enter AT mode, set parameters, and query information
  • 12. It is possible to switch between master and slave modes through AT commands
  • 13. The default baud rate of the module is 9600, the default pairing password is 1234, and the default name is HC-05
  • 14. With transparent heat shrink tubing protection

Connection method:

VCC: Connect to the positive pole of the power supply

GND: Connect to the negative pole of the power supply

RXD: At the receiving end, the Bluetooth module receives data sent from other devices; Under normal circumstances, connect to the sending end TXD of other devices

TXD: Sending end, Bluetooth module sends data to other devices; Under normal circumstances, connect to the receiving end RXD of other devices

EN: Enable terminal, connect 3.3V when entering AT mode

Shipping List:

1 x HC-05 Bluetooth Module

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