• L298n Motor Driver Module

L298n Motor Driver Module for Arduino Development Board

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The L298n Motor Driver Module used by Arduino Programming Development Board

1. When your driving voltage (marked as 12V input in the picture above, the actual acceptable input range is 7-12V) is 7V-12V, you can enable the onboard 5V logic power supply. After using the onboard 5V power supply , +5V in the interface

No input voltage is required for power supply, but 5V voltage can be drawn out for external use. (This is a regular application!)

2. When the driving voltage is higher than 12V and less than or equal to 24V (the chip manual states that it can support up to 35V, but according to experience

It has been tested that the maximum voltage of 298 conservative applications can support up to 24V, which is amazing! ), for example, if you want to drive the rated voltage to

18V motor. First, you must remove the onboard 5V output enable jumper cap. Then connect 5V externally to the 5V output port

5V enable is a control signal with a level of 5V. When this signal input is valid and the power supply in the motor drive module is normal, the motor drive module outputs current. Otherwise, even if the power supply is normal, there will be no current on the motor.

The voltage supplies the L298N internal logic circuitry. (This is an unconventional application of high voltage drive!)

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