• AD8232 Pulse cardiac electrocardiogram monitoring

AD8232 Pulse cardiac electrocardiogram monitoring module

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AD8232 Module is an integrated front-end designed to signal cardiac bioelectrical signals

Use signal conditioning to monitor heart rate

An integrated signal conditioning module for ECG and other bioelectrical measurement applications. This device is designed to extract, amplify, and filter weak bioelectrical signals in the presence of noise generated by motion or remote electrode placement. This design enables ultra-low power analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) or embedded microcontrollers to easily collect output signals.

AD8232 uses a bipolar high pass filter to eliminate motion artifacts and electrode half cell potential. This filter is closely coupled with the instrument amplifier structure, enabling single-stage high gain and high pass filtering, thereby saving space and cost.

AD8232 Module uses an unconstrained operational amplifier to create a three pole low-pass filter, eliminating additional noise. Users can meet the needs of different types of applications by selecting the cutoff frequencies of all filters.

In order to improve the common mode suppression performance of system line frequency and other adverse interferences, the AD8232 is equipped with an amplifier for right-hand drive (RLD) and other driven lead applications.

The AD8232 Module includes a fast recovery feature that can reduce the long tail phenomenon of high pass filters. If there is a signal mutation in the amplifier rail voltage (such as lead detachment), AD8232 will automatically adjust to a higher filter cutoff state. This function allows AD8232 to achieve rapid recovery, allowing for effective measurement values to be obtained as soon as possible after the lead is connected to the electrode of the measurement object

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