•  XL4015 Buck Converter Module

5A Constant Current Voltage Step Down XL4015 Buck Converter Module

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XL4015 Buck Converter is 5A Constant Current and Constant Voltage Module.


1. High power, high efficiency, 5A, low ripple;

2. Three-in-one:

(1) Used as an ordinary buck module with over-current protection capability;

(2) Used as a charger for lithium batteries, batteries, nickel-cadmium nickel-hydrogen batteries (battery packs) with various voltage values, and used in solar panels, wind turbines, etc.;

(3) Used as a high-power LED constant current drive module;

3. It has two modes: constant voltage and constant current, and there is an indicator light to indicate which mode the module is currently in;

4. When used as a lithium battery charger, the float voltage and charging current can be set, and there are indicator lights.

Indicates whether it is charging or fully charged;

5. With current limiting protection function, the module will not be burned out even if the output is short-circuited.

Specification of Step Down XL4015 Buck Converter Module:

  1. Input voltage: 4-38V
  2. Output voltage: 1.25-36V continuously adjustable
  3. Output current: adjustable, maximum 5A
  4. Output power: maximum 75W
  5. Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees
  6. Working frequency: 180KHz
  7. Conversion efficiency: up to 96%
  8. Short circuit protection: Yes (limit current 8A)
  9. Over-temperature protection: Yes (automatically shuts down the output after over-temperature)
  10. Input reverse polarity protection: None, (please insert a high-current diode in series with the input if necessary)
  11. Installation method: 4 3mm screws
  12. Wiring method: wiring terminals or welding terminals, V-IN is input, V-OUT is output
  13. Module size: 51.2mm long, 26.2mm wide, 15mm high
  14. Weight: 23g

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1 x XL4015 Buck Converter Module

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